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Northridge Facts

The area we call Northridge, located in the northwest part of the San Fernando Valley, is sheltered by the majestic Santa Susana Mountains and has a history that can be traced back to the 1700's.

A water source at the intersection of Parthenia St. and Reseda Blvd. served as the watering hole and gathering place for the Gabrielino Indians and later the Spanish who established Missions in the area.  The area, fed by underground streams, was very fertile and soon a development christened "Zelzah," a Biblical name for oasis, became important.  This was the only Valley station on the Southern Pacific Railroad line. In 1938, this prosperous community was named Northridge.

During the 1930's and 40's it became a haven for some of Hollywood's biggest stars.  Northridge was often referred to as "the 100 most beautiful acres in the Valley."  Numerous personalities from the stage, screen and radio built homes and ranches in Northridge.

In the mid 60's, the emergence and growth of the Porter Ranch Estates spurred business activity in general. The area became the home of many major industrial firms.  The early 70's gave rise to retail sales when the largest shopping mall in the Valley opened in 1971, Northridge Fashion Center.  California State University, Northridge, originally established in the late 50's became a major university and now is one of the Valley's largest employers.





















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This report includes research into the social, economic, demographic and civic characteristics of the area is being folded in.

Collaboration has included: residents, civic leaders, elected officials and their staffs, property owners and businesses as well as neighborhood councils, industry representatives, service clubs, nonprofit organizations, developers, and educators.

Participants also have included members and civic leaders from The Valley Economic Aliance, City of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center—CSUN, Pepperdine University School of Public Policy, and student/interns.



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Vision 2012

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A Long-Term Vision for the

Community of Northridge

The City of Los Angeles, the Northridge East, West and South Neighborhood Councils, Cal State University Northridge and the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce have launched an aggressive campaign to establish a vision and develop a strategic concept plan for the community of Northridge and Northridge Business District.

The vision considers community goals, the existing Northridge Community Plan and business/tenant mix, local and regional demographics, potential for public and private redevelopment, and prior initiatives. The vision also focuses on the Cal State University Northridge campus as the hub of the community—how best to develop the “University Village” personality and synergies between the university’s new Valley Performing Arts Center, and a walkable “village” area of the business district.


Downtown Northridge selected as the first for
Los Angeles'

Great Streets Program


Reseda Blvd between Plummer & Parthenia Running near the western edge of Cal State Northridge, Reseda Boulevard is an iconic San Fernando Valley street: wide, with lots of space for cars and lots of parking. But Reseda also has good transit service and a closeby MetroLink regional rail station, as well as bike lanes. With student housing, new apartments, and single-family homes nearby, Reseda Blvd brings town and gown together. In partnership with neighborhood councils, CD12, Cal State Northridge, AIA, and others, Great Streets will enhance Reseda Blvd's accessibility for people traveling by transit, foot, and bike. Mayor Garcetti's Great Streets program seeks to bolster economic development along Reseda with better neighborhood amenities, including improved sidewalks and outdoor dining.

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Great Street

Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Englander
present Northridge Vision


Zelzah Gateway

Cal State University Northridge

Zelzah Gateway


Community Plan Update for Northridge

It's our community—let's make it a great place to live

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